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Phils AVR-based Nodes (Generation 2)

Code Repository -

I've built the Synchronous RFM69HW Library for the Arduino framework that I use with the Nodes.


Following James' Simple Stripboard Design for the London Hackspace Workshop, I began to use this as a base for the AVR-based nodes.

Repeater Nodes

A 1W solar panel provides continuous power for the node, whilst a 4Ah LiPo battery gives a large reserve capacity to maintain the node through the nights and usual bad weather.

  • PS00 - Repeater Node on Primrose Road (my house)
  • PS01 - Repeater Node on Burgess Road (110m away)

Dumb-Sensor Nodes

These nodes are powered off 3x AA batteries with a 3.3V LDO (MCP1700). These nodes are in sleep-mode between transmissions and so do not repeat, but should last ~3 months on one set of batteries.

  • PS00 - Temperature Sensor in my room
  • PS01 - Temperature Sensor behind the shed in the garden
  • PS02 - Temperature Sensor in the Fridge
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