A simple wireless network aimed for use with low power licence exempt wireless modules. Ideally to be used for a local ground network for example for remote temperature sensing however will also be designed to allow for high altitude communications such as via meterological balloons.

The modules used are extremely low cost, and the routing algorithm incredibly simple, to encourage widespread development and deployment.

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Plaintext ASCII-encoded Packets are human-readable. Zero-memory re-broadcast repeating borrows a lot from the APRS system used in Amateur Radio.
Packet transmitted from Sensor: 1mT18.7H72.9V4.55[S01]
Packet repeated by another Node: 0mT18.7H72.9V4.55[S01,R01]

Watch the Live Packet Upload Feed to see what people are already using.

Low Cost

A simple RF standard of 2kbps FSK on 869.5 MHz allows the choice and interoperation of several cheap and easily available ISM Transceiver Modules. Combined with low power ARM Cortex Microcontrollers, you can easily build a simple AA-battery powered node for under £10.

See Community Implementations on the Wiki for some ideas.


With 65km LOS range proven at EMF 2014, with wire antennas and nodes built the same day, the only way is up! Join in as we link networks across countries and seas by high altitude balloons, and other unattended platforms (buoys, rovers, etc.).

Getting Started

We're building up information and guides on the Wiki. Also have a look around and do drop in on IRC Chat (#ukhasnet) to say hello to the rest of us, and ask any questions!

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