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 **Added to Schema 2014-04-26 - Mike ** **Added to Schema 2014-04-26 - Mike **
 +===== !msg function =====
 +Changes to bot, api and specialist gateways.
 +<code sql>
 +CREATE TYPE ukhasnet.msgstate AS ENUM ('Pending', 'Sent');
 +CREATE TABLE ukhasnet.irc_msg (
 +  id              serial       NOT NULL,
 +  time            TIMESTAMP    NOT NULL DEFAULT now(),
 +  src_nick        VARCHAR(20)  NOT NULL,
 +  src_chan        VARCHAR(20)  NOT NULL,
 +  gatewayid       INT          NOT NULL,
 +  nodeid          INT          NOT NULL,
 +  message         VARCHAR(100)  NOT NULL,
 +  status          ukhasnet.msgstate NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Pending',
 +  PRIMARY KEY (id),
 +  FOREIGN KEY (nodeid) REFERENCES ukhasnet.nodes(id),
 +  FOREIGN KEY (gatewayid) REFERENCES ukhasnet.nodes(id)
 ===== Node Types ===== ===== Node Types =====
 This is a proposal of the changes to make to add Node Type functionality This is a proposal of the changes to make to add Node Type functionality
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