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Welcome to the UKHASnet Wiki

UKHASnet is a simple mesh network protocol, using cheap license-free modules, and simple re-broadcast routing. This has been developed by several members of UKHAS (UK High Altitude Society).

The mesh network is intended as a low-cost, low-effort sensor network for the home, hackerspace or campus. But we are also hoping to achieve links through nodes deployed on High Altitude Balloons and Sea Buoys.

Interested? Talk to us in #ukhasnet on freenode!

We also have a Mailing List. You can sign up without a google account here.

UKHASnet Network

UKHASnet Node Construction



Software Decoders


Ideas and brainstorms



Workshops, Conferences and Hack Weekends provides a community-supported sensor data archive and visualisation service. No connection to, or use of is required to build your own mesh network based on our protocol, but it gives you an easy way to look at data, looks cool and encourages more activity.

What is UKHAS?

The UK High Altitude Society or UKHAS for short, is a community originally formed around the exciting hobby of High Altitude Ballooning in the UK, but has now grown to be a strong International Community interested in all things electronic, wireless, and otherwise awesome.

You can join the wider UKHAS community on irc at #highaltitude on freenode.

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