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ESP8266 - Upgrading the Firmware

The instructions below are based on my experiences whilst upgrading my ESP8266 module to firmware version


Connect your ESP8266 module as follows: Vcc = 3.3V (needs around 300-400mA peak) Gnd = -ve ground CH_PD = Chip enable so always +ve RST = Leave floating or ground to reset GPIO0 = Normally floating but this needs to be grounded when you start the update. UTXD = Tx data connect to Txd on FTDI/Serial interface URXD = Rx data connect to Rx of FTDI/Serial interface

You also need to download the new firmware and update tool from ElectroDragon: The firmware tool is called XTCOM

Before you start the update, make sure your ESP8266 is working normally. Connect as above but leave GPIO0 floating and access the serial interface with a terminal program such as PuTTY. Set the baud rate to either 57600 or 115200 for later models. When you power-up the ESP8266 you should see some readable text indicating that it's ready. If you get nonsense try change the baud rate. If all is well you should be able to issue AT commands and get responses. Try AT+RST which should re-start the module. AT+GMR should give the firmware version. If all is well you can move on to the firmware update.

Firmware Update

To put the module into firmware update mode ground GPIO0 and

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