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 ====== Phil's RFC ====== ====== Phil's RFC ======
-**DataModul [0x02]:​** ​0x00000000 ​(Packet, FSK, No shaping)+**DataModul [0x02]:​** ​0b00000000 ​(Packet, FSK, No shaping)
 **Bitrate [0x03/​0x04]:​** 0x3E80 (2.000 kb/s) **Bitrate [0x03/​0x04]:​** 0x3E80 (2.000 kb/s)
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 **Frequency [0x07/​0x08/​0x09]:​** 0xd98012 (869.5 MHz) **Frequency [0x07/​0x08/​0x09]:​** 0xd98012 (869.5 MHz)
-**RxBw [0x19]:​** ​0x00110101 ​(8% DCC, 10.5kHz Channel Filter)+**RxBw [0x19]:​** ​0b00110101 ​(8% DCC, 10.5kHz Channel Filter)
-**SyncConfig [0x2e]:​** ​0x01011000 ​(Sync Off)+**SyncConfig [0x2e]:​** ​0b01011000 ​(Sync Off)
-**PacketConfig1 [0x37]:​** ​0x10010000 ​(Variable Length, DC-Free Off, CRC on, Fail=Clear FIFO)+**PacketConfig1 [0x37]:​** ​0b10010000 ​(Variable Length, DC-Free Off, CRC on, Fail=Clear FIFO)
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