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  • Pico balloon (100gram Latex) launched on 31/08/14 from EMF Camp 2014
  • Onboard:
    • UKHASnet Node (LPC810 based) called EMF14, wire 1/4 wave antenna (not tuned)
    • 1 RTTY tracker with GPS
    • 1 TurboHAB tracker with GPS


  • Late afternoon launch
  • Travelled south with a slow ascent rate over London and then out over the Channel into France
  • EMF14 node
    • Successfully downlinked packets up to a range of 65km (5000m altitude) before was over the horizon/hill
    • No packets successfully repeated
    • Data only downlinked to nodes at EMF Camp, balloon managed to avoid other nodes in Kent and Southampton.
    • Appears that range is approximately 5deg horizon of the balloon (green circle on
    • UKHASnet website worked well
    • Tested hexacopter lifted repeater to attempt to re-establish contact but was too far out of range

Future plans

  • More balloon flights with higher altitudes to test range
  • Better antennas on ground for uplinking.
  • More ground nodes
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