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Moteino (Arduino) node design

  • Based on the Moteino development platform from LowPowerLab
    • ATmega328
    • RFM69HW
    • MCP1700
    • Optional SPI Flash Memory
  • Advantages
    • Nice SMD design
    • Reasonable Price
  • Disadvantages
    • No UK sellers - need to get from US

Setting up as UKHASnet Node

  • Solder FTDI header to moteino
  • Wire up to USB-Serial e.g. FTDI or Uno board (with ATmega328 removed)
  • Go to arduino_gateway and change NodeConfig-template.h to NodeConfig.h
  • Open up the .ino
  • Edit NodeConfig.h for the correct settings of your node
  • Compile and upload to the Moteino
  • Will work out of the box - does not require any pin changes.

3d Printed Case

  • Moteino Measurements
    • 23.3mm x 33.2mm x 4.5mm
    • length with headers on ftdi 42.0mm
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