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Hack Weekend 2015


  • A weekend where the UKHASnet community come together to push forward the development of the network - the aim is to have a particular focus to work towards. The most popular projects appear to be where we create a link between two places using self-sufficient repeater nodes.
  • Suggested aims
    • Link Southampton to Isle of Wight
    • New Forest Bridge


  • Location - Southampton
    • Chosen due to focus of people working on UKHASnet projects
    • currently looking for possible venues, need to allow soldering/3d printing
  • Date - TBD
    • ideally in the summer with max solar for nodes and good weather for field work


  • Saturday - building and construction
  • Sunday - Field testing, installing nodes, and by the evening establishing the link.

Suggested aims

Southampton -> Isle of Wight

  • Installation of nodes down the solent e.g. at Southampton Sailing Club
  • Allows range testing over water
  • Will probably need directional antennas
  • Possible node sites would need to ask
    • Southampton Sailing Club
    • Calshot Activities Centre
    • Cowes (IofW)
  • Would need to get permission to install the nodes, as hopefully they are self sufficient and unobtrusive there shouldn't be any problems

New Forest Bridge

  • Create a link from Southampton to Bournemouth
  • Would need multiple nodes in the New Forest
  • Would need to get permission from the Forestry Commission
    • Go via educational team, would be collecting data, perhaps downlink to visitors centre
    • Would probably need prototype nodes in advance to get permission
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