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1 Feb 2017 - too many mistakes

At the last minute the night before I re-lashed together a slightly more robust GPS node than my previous try - node on a PCB this time rather than the gpsnode lashup I flew last time. While the node was robust, the GPS was attached rather shoddily. Still, it worked. Even had a bit of feedback having a flashing light once the GPS had a lock.


The other issue was that I'd moved my ebulobo gateway node to the front of the house as it had better line of sight to the airfield so I thought I might get an earlier message passed. No such luck. Maybe having the antenna right in front of the middle window bar wasn't cleverest. In my defence I did put it there in the dark the night before…


So test slightly unsuccessful. Next time I think I might fly a transmit only node. It was configured as a repeater so I wonder if the PilotAware unit a couple of feet away regularly transmitting 500mW may have been an issue.

Packets received

Node was turned on during the whole flight from approx 15 miles away from home and back, via a quick trip to 5000' to see if I could light up a gateway further afield.

Flight 1550Z-1630Z

packet_id, gateway_id, timestamp, packet, upload_id, processed, rssi, upload_id, origin_id, sequence 28445541;427;“2017-02-01 16:10:43.545”;“3hL52.20463,-0.90957,0.0T12.2H60.0V3.62Z0[M4]”;22684988;“Processed”;-86;22684988;428;“h” 28445520;427;“2017-02-01 16:10:10.609”;“3gL52.20463,-0.90957,0.0T12.2H64.8V3.67Z1[M4]”;22684971;“Processed”;-86;22684971;428;“g” 28445498;427;“2017-02-01 16:09:41.345”;“3fL52.20463,-0.90957,0.0T12.1H67.3V3.62Z0[M4]”;22684951;“Processed”;-81;22684951;428;“f” 28445485;427;“2017-02-01 16:09:14.708”;“3eL52.21197,-0.89315,0.0T12.0H69.8V3.65Z0[M4]”;22684940;“Processed”;-82;22684940;428;“e” 28445466;427;“2017-02-01 16:08:41.819”;“3dL52.21197,-0.89315,0.0T11.8H71.5V3.67Z1[M4]”;22684924;“Processed”;-79;22684924;428;“d” 28445460;427;“2017-02-01 16:08:31.139”;“3cL0.00000,0.00000,0.0T11.8H71.3V3.65Z0[M4]”;22684919;“Processed”;-89;22684919;428;“c” 28445443;427;“2017-02-01 16:07:58.192”;“3bL0.00000,0.00000,0.0T11.7H69.6V3.67Z1[M4]”;22684906;“Processed”;-89;22684906;428;“b” 28445438;427;“2017-02-01 16:07:47.052”;“3aL0.00000,0.00000,0.0T11.7H69.1V3.61Z0[M4]”;22684900;“Processed”;-84;22684900;428;“a”

I clearly need to fix the altitude parsing bit of the code!

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