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Mike Richards G4WNC - Here's a list of my nodes:

WNC0 - Arduino stripboard gateway connected to Raspberry Pi running Phil's python upload script

WNC1 - Arduino stripboard sensor node using a DS18B22 and powered by 3 x AA cells

WNC2 - Moteino sensor node with a DS18B22 and powered by a Turnigy nano-tech 600mAh LiPo (£1.98 from HobbyKing)

WNC3 - Moteino repeater node powered by Turnigy nano-tech 600mAh LiPo

WNC4 - Moteino survey node. Uses a uBLOX Max8 breakout GPS (from HAB Supplies). Survey Node Details

WNC5 - Moteino repeater combined with ESP8266 WiFi gateway using code from Chris Stubbs. Step-by-step instructions for updating and testing the ESP8266 firmware can be found here

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