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The UKHASnet Network Structure is similar to the APRS system used by Amateur Radio. In that there is no collision detection, no retransmission, and no Error Correction.

… (WIP)

Important Notes:

  • All packets are unreliable, like UDP on Computer Networks. A collision with another transmitted packet, or a burst of interference at the wrong moment may cause your packet to be lost in the network as if it never existed.
  • A gateway or any connection to the database is not required for a local network. The database and associated API is just intended to be a community-supported service for archiving and visualisation of sensor data. If you don't need it, you don't have to use it! Or if you'd like to use your own system/application, that's fine too.
  • This is not primarily intended for balloon-tracking, that may be a future use, but we have no idea whether it would work, or how well! For now it's a just a local sensor network with many possibilities on the horizon…
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