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Brainstorming page for GSM Solar Gateways.

  • 5V 2W Solar Panel
  • MCP73871 MPP Charger - Datasheet
    • Needs to be configured for MPP of selected panel
    • Battery Temperature Monitoring should be fitted (mainly for low temperature concern)
  • LiPo Battery
  • ATMega328P
  • RFM69HW
  • SIM900


To Provide a Fit-And-Forget UKHASnet gateway for installation on remote structures.

Self Telemetry

  • Battery Voltage


  • Battery Temperature with ds18b20 (so as not to accidentally interfere with the charger thermistor)


  • Waterproof box to be fitted to a vertical pole.
  • Solar panel slanted at 45 degrees towards the South (mounted on top?)
  • Internal GSM Antenna (chip or window-mount stuck to inside)
  • 868 MHz Dipole antenna out through large cable grommet on underside.
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