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ICs to have a look at

MFN MFP Description Datasheet
Bosch BME280 Sensor: Temperature, Humidity & Barometric pressure [PDF]
Microchip MCP73831 USB (5V) Lithium charger, fix.V, adj.I (0.5A), Vin<7V [PDF]
Consonance CN3082 Linear MPPT Lithium charger adj.V, adj.I (0.6A), Vin<6.5V [PDF]
TI TSP61200 Step-up Boost: 0.3V<Vin<5.5V, 1.8V<Vout<5.5V, 1.3A Imax, adj.UVLO [PDF]
TI TPL5110 Nano-power System Timer for Power Gating 35nA [PDF]
ST STM1061 Low power voltage detector fix.V 0.9µA [PDF]
ON NCP1402 Boost Converter, PFM, Micropower, 200mA, 1µA, fix.Vout [PDF]
TI LMS33460 Ultra Low Power Space Saving 3V Under Voltage Detector 1µA [PDF]
TI TPS383x 150nA, Ultralow Power, Supply Voltage Monitor [PDF]
ALD ALD810027SCL Precision Supercapacitor Auto Balancing (SAB™) MOSFETs [PDF]
ST SPV1040 High efficiency solar battery charger with embedded MPPT [PDF]
ST TSU111 Nanopower (900 nA), high accuracy (150 uV) 5V CMOS Op-Amp, rail-to-rail I/O, single [PDF]
Si Si4685-A10 Single-Chip, AM/FM/DAB/DAB+ Radio Receiver [PDF]
Semtech TS52003 High Efficiency SuperCap Charger for Photovoltaic Sources :!: EOL [PDF]
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