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Node naming

FIXME Node naming scheme draft

Prefix: OS(

Node type Format Example Description
Gateway{prefix}{n}OS0, OS10These nodes relay packets to the internet.
Repeater{prefix}r{n}OSr0The main purpose of these nodes is to extend the range of the network.
Battery{prefix}b{n}OSb0These sensors measure the voltage of a battery (solar bank, or otherwise). Usually also a repeater node, as power available is relatively large on a UKHASnet scale.
Sensor{prefix}s{n}OSs0Sensor nodes. May in some cases also repeat, but might not, to save battery.
Vehicle{prefix}v{n}OSv0Nodes that move and report location.

List of nodes

OSPi1PiUploadTestThis is just a simple upload test script written in Python. No radio. Uploads the core temperature of a RaspberryPi v1 Model B1
OS0RTL-SDR GWRTL-SDR based gateway node.
OS2BreadboardWeMos D1 Mini + RF69HW on a breadboard.
OSb0batterymonitorATmega328P based node for 12V battery monitoring.
OSr1ATmega328PB-v1Repeater node. Solar panel.
OSv0Portable node with GPS.
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