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There are currently two parsers used within the ecosystem.

  • original perl based parser that takes uploaded packets and stores data in postgres, this parsed data is available on node pages, via the api and irc bot.
  • newer Rust parser, used for the Grafana dashboards

Perl Parser

Written by Mike in the early days of UKHasnet.

  • Doesn't currently parse comments (WIP)
  • Repeated data types will not increment the type counter T1,2,3 is not the same as T1,2T3

Rust Parser

Written by Adam over the IoW hack weekend. Fast and safe. Currently not compliant with the latest version of the spec: comments may be located anywhere and may only contain lowercase letters and a few symbols, among other minor differences. Might be fixed by the time you read this. Only works with Rust programs at the moment but should be possible to use it in other languages.

GitHub link

Currently only used for an InfluxDB bridge, powering the Grafana dashboards.

Node-RED Parser function block

Written by Odd to facilitate bringing UKHASnet nodes into Home Assistant via MQTT. It is not a strict parser, and will (probably) parse anything kinda looking like a valid packet. Wiki page

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