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Constructed by dbrooke and jcoxon


  • LPC812 on breakout board
  • Ublox GPS (Ananova Antenna)
  • 3x AA Lithium Energizers
  • Coax antenna
  • Jam Jar
  • Epoxy


  • Constructed at the Southampton UKHASnet Hack Weekend
  • Set up LPC812 board with RM69HW with MCP1700 3.3v regulator
  • Added Ublox GPS to UART0
  • Glued onto piece of card which sat inside the jam jar snugly but could move
  • Batteries on bottom of card
  • Hole through jam jar lid and coax passed through,
  • 1/4wave wire antenna and then coated in epoxy.

Sea Trials

  • Launched 09/08/15 from Hurst Castle
  • Method of deployment: wade into sea and throw
  • Survived multiple throws,
  • Worked extremely well, reported position through out and acted as a repeater.
  • Last packet rx'd: 2hL507138,-15491,-4T41R-93[AI3,AI1]
  • Approximate range: 600m (though probably could have done more)
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