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  • Write up some tested antenna design guides (1/4 wave, moxon, etc)
  • Build FSK decoder in gnuradio for testing
    • Test performance against the RFM69 receiver

  • Add RSSI Upload
    • Database: Add RSSI column to upload table (default: 0)
    • API: Add RSSI insert to upload function
    • Web: Add RSSI column to logtail
    • Web: Add RSSI to NodeInfo page
  • Add link to origin node to parsed rows in logtail
    • Database: Add Origin node id to 'upload' table (default NULL)
    • Parser: Send origin id, (+name?) over upload_parse NOTIFY
    • Web: Add Origin column to logtail
  • Add lat,lon,alt to nodes table for quick map query.
    • Database: Add lat,lon,alt columns to 'nodes' table
    • Parser: Parse location into nodes table as well
    • API: Rewrite map query to use nodes table
  • Add selection of node types (stationary, mobile, sensor, hab)
    • Database: Add node type field to 'nodes' table (another table for node_types?)
    • Web: Add type selection to nodeEdit page
    • Web: Add different icons for types on map page
  • Move logtail to websockets
    • Web: betalogtail → logtail
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