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Each node will consist of a Pi, RFM69 Module, and possibly an AVR depending on the state of the Pi-SPI Comms Stack.

  • 3x Passive Gateway Nodes
  • 1x Active IRC Gateway Node
Pi Networking
  • Eduroam limits number of devices per credentials
  • Public Wifi was unreliable
  • Dedicated Wifi AP off BATC wired connection
    • Chance of Offensive Security on Eduroam APs
  • Wired connection off BATC wired connection

IRC Functionality

  • Any message in irc will be repeated as a comment. eg. 0b:hello![IRC,GW1]
    • Lower case only
    • '[',':' removed
  • Badges will listen in broadcasted messages for their name, and provide an indication to the wearer that they have been pinged.
  • Pressing the button on the badge during the indication will cause a pong to be sent back to the sender.
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