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Venue: Kings Orchard House, Kings Manor Farm

Dates: 18th - 20th March (Friday >3pm through to Monday <10am)

House Information Sheet: Kings Orchard Information

Email sent to list with deposit + individual payment details: Email on UKHASnet Mailing List


Will most likely consolidate cars in Southampton to take kit across on the ferry. 'Discounted rates' will be available for the ferry through the Venue nearer the date.

Some people may be taking bicycles across.


Name Travelling from Method / Spare Seats Time arriving in Soton Mainland → Island Transport Method / Spare Seats
James Coxon Kent (along M25) Car / 2 ~7pm Car Ferry / 2
Phil Crump Soton - 6pm Car Ferry / 2
David Brooke Cambridgeshire Car / 3 ~2pm Car Ferry / 3
Ben Oxley Surrey Car / 3 9am* Car Ferry / 3
David Turner Cambridge Car / 1 ~1pm Wightlink / 1

* Tickets booked, £60.50 return for the car so will split between passengers

Ferry Lifts

Driver Time from Soton Passengers Remaining Seats
Phil Crump 6pm Jon Sowman 1
Ben Oxley 9am Friday Tom Dalby 3
David Brooke Check-in b4 16:00 Russ, Matt?
David Turner 1pm Adam Greig 1 (Matt?)


Name Time leaving Mainland Method / Spare Seats Destination Destination Method / Spare Seats
Phil Crump 9am Monday Car Ferry / 2 Soton -
James Coxon 5pm Sunday Car Ferry / 2 Sevenoaks -
Ben Oxley 4:30pm Monday Car Ferry / 3 Surrey -
David Brooke 9am Monday Car Ferry / 3 Cambridgeshire -
David Turner 1pm Monday Wightlink / 1 Cambridge 1

Ferry Lifts

Driver Time from Cottage Passengers Remaining Seats
Phil Crump 9am Jon Sowman 1
Ben Oxley 4:30pm Monday Tom Dalby 3
David Brooke Check-in b4 10:00
David Turner 1pm Monday Adam Greig 1


Phil Crump
James Coxon
Adam Greig
David Brooke
Jon Sowman
Russ Garrett
David Turner
Ed Moore
Ben Oxley
Matt Brejza
Tom Dalby
[slot free]




  • Phil - GPS Sensor Node
  • James - AJ2 GPS Sensor Node


  • James - Repeater node with Moxon Antenna (AJ1)

Other Projects


  • stm32+ethernet board (gateway)
  • tlc


  • soil sensors


  • Wifi gateway dongle
  • ?





  • Network Router + 24-port switch + AP + many ethernet cables
  • 3x 4-way Mains Extension
  • Soldering Iron + basic tools
  • Multimeter
  • USB Logic analyser
  • VHF/UHF Handheld
  • 10m fibreglass pole


  • RepRapPro Huxley Duo 3d printer with PLA filament
  • Multimeter
  • Wire
  • Drill bits for drilling glass
  • Spare mini solar panels
  • RFM69HWs (hasnet supplies backup stock)
  • RasPi3
  • Duct Tape x2
  • Electronic junk
  • Quadcopter with UKHASnet node (QUAD0)
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