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AJ0 Solar Powered GSM Gateway


  • LPC812 + RFM69HW (EtnaNode MK2)
    • DS18b20
    • 1/4 Wave antenna
  • 5.5V 250mA Solar Panel 110mm x 70mm
  • Xadow GSM+BLE Module (with inbuilt LiPo charging)
  • 500mAh LiPo

Job List


  • Get latest firmware onto Xadow
  • Work out method of comms with Xadow - options include i2c (though this involves setting it up both on Xadow but also on LPC812) or some how tapping in to the header and pulling out the UART
  • Get simple passing of data from LPC812 to Xadow and then GSM messaging that home
  • Next is getting data via GPRS (there is an HTTPS function)
  • Then add extra features (charging data etc)

Pseudo Code

function send_gsm_message()
    gsm.text(phone_number, "Hi I'm Alive")

id = timer.create(10000,send_gsm_message)
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