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UKHASnet Hack Weekend to be held in Southampton during Summer of 2015.

Location: Southampton University

Time: Weekend of 8th/9th August

The Uni Room is booked, weekend is confirmed! Add your attendance to the list at the bottom of the page.

Planning Page



Our current plan to build a flotilla of UKHASnet sea buoys. These buoys will then be deployed by Kayak off the coast of Calshot on the Solent.

Build whatever you want, a simple battery-powered node that just beacons the sea temperature, or a solar powered node that also provides a repeater to extend the network! You could even add a GSM module to directly uplink yours, and any other telemetry you receive to

Adding a cheap GPS module would be useful to track the location of the flotilla. There is also an APRS igate in Cowes that could be useful..



  • Workshop indoors in Southampton Uni


  • Drive down to Calshot
  • Launch flotilla by Kayak
  • Pub lunch
  • Repair/relaunch Flotilla in the afternoon


A limited amount of local sofa/floor space will be available. Otherwise, local hotels or deals on airbnb are suggested.

The University's halls accommodation programme is unfortunately not viable for small groups.

Other notes

  • Please bring your test kit, etc. University soldering irons will be available. See equipment list for information of what attendees are bring.
  • Wireless Internet access will be provided at the workshop for non-students. (eduroam will also be available).





  • Phil Crump
  • James Coxon
  • Jon Sowman
  • Mike Axford
  • Adam Greig
  • David Brooke
  • Ben Oxley
  • Tom Dalby
  • Matthew Brejza


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